Collaboration with ‘Terminal’ TV show

I recently had the opportunity to take part in one of the most interesting collaborations in the tourism field. Collaboration between a travel and tourism TV show broadcast on one of Israel’s largest television channels, and the community of local travel bloggers.

Up until now, the well-known travel TV shows have usually included celebrities who traveled around while introducing the viewers a prestigious and exotic destinations. the information was given by tourism agencies. In the Low Coast era, this is no longer relevant.
Everyone Travel around way more than in the past. Now days, there has been a real need for effective and accessible information that helps the average traveler to travel independently, regardless of travel agents and brokers. This void was filled by travel bloggers, who access the information for the readers at eye level.

In line with understanding the need, in recent months the travel and tourism show, Terminal, has been developed by one of the largest television channels in Israel.  A Travel show that speaks the language of viewers in 2020.
The content does not present transgenic information on a brochure of luxury sites, but rather the authentic experiences of bloggers who take part in the show.

At the  show panel you will find the best Travel bloggers in the country, sharing their broad experience, an in-depth understanding of the field and useful tips that provide practical tools for every viewer and viewer.

Amit Kotler, creator and presenter of the TV show:

“Already from the inception of the ‘Terminal’ Tourism Magazine, we decided that the content of the program would be based less on public relations offices and more on various bloggers. In my view, the TV viewer of 2019-2020 already knows when he gets a communication from a public relations office and when he gets an authentic experience of an experienced and professional person on the one hand, but also objective and sharp that brings the personal experience on the other. These are the travel bloggers who have proven in the ‘Terminal’ above and beyond that they know how to convey the message and content in the most professional and reliable way possible.”

Both sides benefit from this symbiosis. the program production brings excellent content professionals who deliver authentic experiences firsthand and thus make the content accessible to a wider audience. On the other hand, bloggers are exposed to a large section of the population, positioning them as authoritarian in their field.

In my personal experience, I got to know a lot of colleagues from the field, promote my very own content  and create interesting collaborations, as well as exposure to new and wider audiences


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